Cheyenne and Michael's wedding day began at Wild Heaven Beer. Cheyenne is one of the most organized brides I have worked with, but when things didn't go perfectly to plan, she went with the flow. The one thing she was NOT willing to compromise was allowing Michael to see her before she walked down the aisle, a tradition that was very important to her. Her bridesmaids helped keep her and Michael tucked away until the very last minute, and finally, while walking down the aisle, Michael saw his beautiful bride for the first time that day.

During the ceremony, I listened to their vows and learned a little more about the couple. After dating for three months, both decided to tell the other they loved them on the same day. Later that evening, Cheyenne went home and wrote her vows, because she knew there was nobody else in the world that was a better fit for her than Michael.

The couple were married at Wild Heaven Beer in Atlanta. Photos below.