Nicole and Shawn met on E-Harmony. Although they lived far away from each other, Shawn declared he was absolutely in love with Nicole when he first met her - he told his sister they day they met that he was going to marry Nicole.

On October 24th, 2021, the Nicole and Shawn made their way to Unicoi State Park, the same location they became a couple, and Shawn proposed. Shaw was giving a speech about how his life was changing because of Nicole for the better, but Nicole had no idea what was happening and interrupted him to talk to their dog, Sadie. When she turned back around, Shawn was on one knee holding a sapphire engagement ring.

The engagement ring holds a special story. Shawn is a Gemologist and worked with the people that made the ring, knew the man who mined the stone, and put the ring together himself.

Shawn and Nicole were married at Bull Mountain Lodge.