Light & Airy Sessions - The Best Way to Get the Photos You've Envisioned

When I'm shooting a session, I ALWAYS go for a light and airy aesthetic, and it's taken me a little while to completely get that look. The clothes, background, light, EVERYTHING matters, and when put together, will create GORGEOUS photos every time. Here's a few things to know before your engagement / portrait sessions to ensure you get that light and airy feel.

  1. Clothing. Lighter colored clothing works best for light and airy. That doesn't mean you have to wear white or beige - pastels work, and there are PLENTY of pastel shades to choose from. Wearing light or pastel isn't an absolutely necessity if your background is light, though. Mia wore navy, and it works just fine because of the white buildings and sidewalk. The photos at the bottom will show you the true difference, though ;)
  2. Background matters. But I get it - maybe you want your engagement photos taken at the place you got engaged, and it's a woodsy spot and dark. That's when you'd want to make sure you're wearing light colors. It's a balancing act.
  3. Lighting is important. It dictates when natural light photographers are able to shoot. Overhead sunlight is the worst and most aggravating to work with because it's so HARSH, so avoiding midday at all costs is a necessity. Again, we can work with it if there's shade or something to help block the sun, but I prefer shooting in the evening or early morning.
  4. Put them all together.... PERFECTION!