I met Sky and Chris while doing their engagement session. They are such a fun, goofy, and loving couple. So much so that I really REALLLYYY thought Chris would be a crier (when the bride walks down the aisle, it's about a 50/50 whether the groom is going to cry), but he was not. He didn't need to cry to show the joy he felt for Sky when she walked down the aisle, though, because everyone could see it so clearly.

After the ceremony and traditional reception events, the bride and their father stepped away from the reception to play a few games of NBA Jam, a special tradition the two share, while the groom cheered them on.

Sky & Chris were married at Jordan's Crossing in Gainesville.

I have told Sky at least 10 times they look exactly like Rachel Leigh Cook, and FINALLY, finally, found out her bridesmaids agreed with me on that statement. What do you think? Photos below.