La'Sheka and Travis met years ago when they both worked at Target. I always call La'Sheka my twin - we both LOVE jumpsuits, picnics, parks, and hate the way we look in photos (though you'll see below she has absolutely nothing to worry about).

I moved on to taking photos of the details of their wedding. Signs, displays, floral arrangements, and jewelry. When opening the box containing the grooms wedding band, I was shocked to find that not only are Sheka and I twins, but Travis and my husband are twins too - both of them chose the exact same wedding band!

Later, before the ceremony, La'Sheka was wrapped up in a quilt (she was dressed and guests were arriving) and led down to the beautiful barn for photos with her soon-to-be husband, Travis, and to open pre-wedding gifts.

La'Sheka and Travis were married at Oak Hill Farms in The Rock. Photos below.