I was a second shooter for my photography professor Daniel at this wedding, so I don’t know Ashlynn and Price as well as I usually know my bride and groom. Because of that, this blog will be mostly about my experience being a second shooter.

I’ve been second shooter for Daniel for one wedding and three Bat Mitzvahs and I’ve learned so much. When I’m second shooter, the pressure isn’t on as much as when I’m shooting my own weddings. I can experiment more, try different methods, and seriously, the pressure is off. 

It’s not a free for all though - there are things expected of me as a second shooter. The most important thing is to NOT GET IN FRONT OF THE MAIN PHOTOGRAPHER EVER. I tend to stand behind right shoulder so I can still get the shots I need without interrupting his, unless instructed otherwise. I also took care of the getting ready photos for the ladies, while he tended to the men’s photos. Other than that, we worked together the whole time. I made sure the wedding party was looking at his camera most of the time, because he’s the main photographer, and because of this the clients ended up with different angles that made interesting photos. 

Second most important thing - communication. I asked Daniel what were his expectations of having a second shooter, he outlined what he wanted, and I delivered. I’m not there to take over. I’m not there to get the amazing photos he took, I’m there to help give the client more value to their product. While he’s photographing the main event, I’m photographing the reactions from the sideline, answering questions from guests that want a photo, and handling things on the back end. 

Did I enjoy being a second shooter at this wedding? Absolutely. Would do it again? 1000%. 

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