The morning of Chloe and Wen's wedding, the couple performed their traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony. Wen arrived at Chloe's home and the couple served to tea to their parents. This is a traditional morning ritual for Chinese culture, and symbolizes the joining of two families and each family gaining a son or daughter.

Chloe's Maid of Honor then drove her to The Atrium, a gorgeous venue located in Norcross. Chloe got ready upstairs in the Bridal suite, and Wen was tucked away a couple of doors down getting ready in the Groom's suite.

The rest of the day went similarly to most of my weddings - the first time Wen saw Chloe fully dressed and ready was when she walked down the aisle. After the ceremony concluded, Chloe tossed her bouquet, and then I placed the couple in front of the beautiful gazebo located in the garden for portraits. Photos are below.