The Wedding Day

The day began in downtown Madison at The Variety Works venue. I officially met the bride, Ashley, while I was outside looking over the venue and hoping we would avoid the rain. We had corresponded through text for over a year, through a Covid cancellation and too long of a wait, so I was so happy to finally be able to meet her. She seemed happy and surprisingly calm, ready for the wait to be over. She was finally going to be Mrs. McCaffrey!

Alex was dutifully tucked away in a different room of the venue to avoid accidentally catching a glimpse of his bride before the ceremony. He was just as ready to be married as Ashley. After a couple hours more of waiting, waiting, waiting, it was time for the ceremony to begin.

The ceremony was beautiful and so full of love. Seeing two people so ready to become one makes for a LOT of happy tears and cheering. After the final I Do's and the kiss, the two exited the venue to enjoy their first dinner alone as husband and wife.