The Wedding Day

The day began at a hotel in Lavonia. The bride, Kimberly, was tucked away in a brightly lit conference room. Even though she was in the hair and make-up process, she answered phone calls and sent texts to ensure a streamlined process for her wedding day.

Upstairs, her mother and sister organized all the jewelry and other memorabilia I needed for detailed shots. In another room, her soon-to-be husband, Joshua, readied their son for his important role as Ring Bearer. To say this was an organized day is an understatement. 

The venue, Toccoa Falls, was complete perfection. It was my first time shooting at this particular venue and I have hereby dubbed it the Holy Grail of wedding photography. After a short golf cart ride, I had a breathtaking view of the falls, and a gorgeous set up of chairs and decor. 

A few moments later, the officiant announced for all guests and bridal party members to turn around as the bride entered. Once instructed, Joshua turned to see his gorgeous bride for the first time that day, his huge smile turning to overjoyed tears. It was a beautiful moment for the bride and groom. 

Before ending the ceremony, (and sharing their first kiss as husband and wife) Kimberly, Joshua, and their children poured small glasses of water into basket containing a lily, a plant they will later place in their home and keep forever.

Following the ceremony and formal introductions, Kimberly and Joshua performed an exciting dance for their guests. Photos of their dance are included in the gallery below.