A Couple Special to My Heart

A little back story about John and Lauren - I first met them a year ago. They were one of my first paid engagement session couples. I was 30 minutes late because I missed my turn, decided to follow the GPS reroute through the mountains and two rivers (in a Ford Focus mind you) and had to turn around because the water got too deep. Fun times. By the time I went the original route, I KNEW they were going to be super pissed at me, and honestly I wouldn't have blamed them. Turns out they weren't. John and Lauren handled my mishap with grace. We ended up having a great time and getting some beautiful photos.

A few months later, we travelled to Myrtle Beach for their sunrise beach wedding. This was my first beach, and destination, wedding. This was also the first time everything wrapped up perfectly from beginning to end - the engagement session, followed by, months later, the wedding.

Our most recent session was a staged shoot in the mountains and at Laurel Park. Lauren and John had to cancel their reception for family and friends that couldn't make it to the beach wedding because they are expecting their first child! We decided to put their wedding clothes to use and did a styled shoot in the mountains, followed by a gender reveal. We aren't sure of the gender yet, so they came prepared with blue and pink smoke bombs!