This was my first session using my new lighting setup. I had no idea I would enjoy it as much as I did. I'm in love with the black and white photos! It was a learning experience for sure. If you're working with a light setup for the first time (other than practicing on your animals / willing family members), I would suggest:

  1. Purchase higher watt bulbs. The ones included in the less-expensive setups aren't strong enough.
  2. Don't backlight until you're comfortable, it's a whole new world adding natural backlighting with studio lighting.
  3. I'd definitely light certain spots more. For instance, the first photo, I am dying because I didn't light the left side of the photo, only the right. You can barely see the baby bump.
  4. I'd like to focus on different types of lighting too. I used a lot of paramount and split lighting here, but not much Rembrandt. Definitely want to get more comfortable with all types.