I had the honor of being Maegan and Rob's wedding photographer one year ago, and recently shot their anniversary session (pictures below). In recognition of their one year anniversary, I thought it was PERFECT to blog about their first year of marriage. We'll begin at the beginning - the honeymoon!

The honeymoon unfortunately didn't happen because of COVID, and someone had class the day after anyway. Maegan is a grad student, studying to be a Pharmacologist. Pharmacologists study how prescription drugs interact with the body, and how the body reacts with prescription drugs. "As you can imagine, there’s so many things that you could study in this process. I’m currently studying the inflammatory processes that occur after heart attacks in order to help identify anything in this process that could be used as a target for future therapeutics to improve patient outcomes after they experience a heart attack," she explains. "After I finish my PhD, I’m hoping to work in industry, where I’d most likely be working somewhere along the drug development process. Since I am not experienced with the synthetic chemistry behind making the actual drugs, I’d more likely be working downstream in the process to test the drug through different assays. However, there are so many other opportunities for jobs for me after I graduate that may not necessarily be directly related to drug development!"

During their first year of marriage, Rob and Maegan bought a house together! Shortly after moving in, they began hearing noises in the attic. Rob went upstairs to investigate, and upon opening the door and being hit with falling feces, discovered something had been living up there. Maegan found this hilarious. Rob, not so much. A few days later, the couple heard noises on the roof, went into the bathroom, turned the lights off in hopes of figuring out what was living in the attic. A few moments later, the mystery was solved when they looked out the window and locked eyes with a very confused raccoon.

Rob and Maegan are always doing sweet things for each other. Rob often surprises Maegan with her favorite snack after coming home from work, and he's always on the look-out for stuffed Koalas, Maegan's favorite animal. She bought Rob tickets to one of his favorite bands, Angels and Airwaves.

Looking back to their wedding day, the couple share their favorite moments. One of them, which I had no idea about, happened before the ceremony. "When we were on the dock getting married I noticed Rob wasn’t making eye contact with me. At the time I was like 'awww how sweet he’s trying not to cry anymore so he won’t look at me.' Well I said something to him later in the day and it turns out he was actually distracted by some ducks behind me in the pond," Maegan said. Her favorite part was the first look. The couple had been apart that morning and things had been super stressful, but as soon as she saw Rob, everything melted away and it was just the two of them. Rob's favorite moment was putting the ring on her finger, kissing her, and officially making her his wife.